Comentários Sobre o Grau de Ipsissimus

Pequenos Ensaios em Direção à Verdade, “Beatitude”

There are two well-distinguished forms of the Beatific Vision. The higher pertains to Kether, and is thus proper only to the Ipsissimus, though it may be enjoyed sporadically (and, as it were, by accident) by those of lower grades.

It is of extremely rare occurrence, and has indeed never been described in any detail; it may even be said that it is doubtful whether any account of its true form has ever been given to the world. It need only be said in this place that its formula is “Love is the law, love under will,” and that its nature is the Perpetual Sacrament of Energy in action. It is dependent upon the perfect mastery of the Mysteries of Sorrow and of Change, with thorough identification with that of Individuality.